Eurobarometer: 60% of Macedonian citizens regard the EU membership as good PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 09:44

Almost two thirds of the Macedonian citizens believe that it is good for the country to enter the EU.
According to the survey of the Eurobarometer, 60% of the citizens in Macedonia think that the membership in the EU is good for the state, 11% that it is bad, and 27% are refrained. Compared to the last year survey, there is a decline of 6% regarding the frame of mind for Eurointegration.
The Macedonian and the citizens of the EU agree on the economic condition. 77% of the citizens in Macedonia and 77% of the EU citizens think that the economic condition is bad. The financial condition of their families was assessed as good by half of the Macedonians and 64% of the EU citizens. 48% of the Macedonians and 34% of the EU citizens share the opposite opinion .
The unemployment and the economic situation remain the main reasons for concern. 63% of the Macedonian citizens underlyined the unemployment as the biggest problem. Only one quarter of the Macedonians and the citizens of the EU member countries hope that the situation will improve within the next 12 months, 35% think that the situation will remain the same, and 36% expect aggravation. 

About 75% of both EU and Macedonian citizens believe that additional reform measures are needed for overcoming the crisis. More than a half of the Macedonian citizens (56%) are prepared to live worse for a certain period if that brings a better standard for the future generations. That percentage is much lower in the EU – 46%.

The survey was conducted from 5th May do 28th May this year within the 27 member states of the EU, the candidate countries Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey and Iceland, as well as in the Turkish part of Cyprus.



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