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Friday, 19 November 2010 00:00

Today starts the Lisbon Summit of NATO, the largest security alliance in the history of humankind. It is a Summit which will see the adoption of the new Strategic Concept of the Alliance, which should determine the new role and the function of the Alliance in the globalized world in which the humankind lives in the 21st century.
The summit will define the new global security challenges and the ways in which the allies will face them. It will open a historical page in the partnership with Russia, an issue which was impossible just several years ago. It will enable creation of the missile defence shield to defend Europe from the threats coming from Asia. It will open new possibilities for partnerships around the world with countries and international organizations. But, it will also set the track for the future military transformation and political reform in the organization itself.

For the Republic of Macedonia, which for two and a half years is in front of the doors of NATO, this Summit, which is not an enlargement summit nevertheless, will be as the previous two other summits. The membership of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO is and will remain a strategic goal for the country and an issue of common national consensus.

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia considers that the membership of the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens in NATO is of utmost importance. The benefits of the NATO membership regarding the issue of the security of the country, the democratic and the economic development and the living standard of the citizens are immense, such as the example with the new NATO members from Eastern Europe. The membership of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO will be a confirmation of its identity.



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