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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 13:59

Ilija Djugumanov was born on 02nd of August 1987 in Skopje where he graduated Political Science at the Faculty of Law at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. He is now pursuing his MA studies on International Relations – Conflict Resolution, at a program by the University of Goteborg, Sweden (TEMPUS Joint Program). Djugumanov was elected as a President of the Youth of the Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia (YATA Macedonia) in January 2012. Prior that he was member of the Executive Office of YATA Macedonia from 2010. At the General Assembly of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia in 2014, he was elected for member of the Presidency of EACM. As a great promoter of the regional cooperation and the Atlanticism among the youth, in February 2013 in Rome, he was elected as a Vice-President for Public Diplomacy and on the next YATA General Assembly in Brussels, he was re-elected as a Vice-President for Communication. Djugumanov is initiator for creating the YATA South-Eastern European Working Group and also founder/editor in chief of the regional journal “SEE Review”.



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