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Friday, 04 November 2016 14:51

As part of the research of the Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia about the impact of the Euro – Atlantic integrations on the inter – ethnic relations in the country, on 3rd of November, was organized the fourth and last public forum/workshop in Kumanovo.

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On this event, Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, said that more than 68 percent of the citizens who answered the telephone survey, have the opinion that the Euro – Atlantic integrations will have a positive impact on the inter – ethnic relations in the country.

“The political elites will have to answer the need of the citizenship for positive impact from the Euro – Atlantic integrations in the line of bettering the inter – ethnic relations, and if that is the wish of the citizens, that means that we need to build stable institutions, governance of law, independent media and courts, and if the institutions function good, and if they answer the needs of the citizens, then we are a step closer to NATO and EU membership.” – said Mr. Ismet Ramadani, President of the Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia.

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“The people want to be a part of a civilization with which they will share the same values, and we, the people want to develop and go forward, but still stay in our own country.” – emphasized Mr. Trifun Kostovski, Executive of the Business Club of ATA Macedonia.
Dr. Zoran Damjanovski, Mayor of Kumanovo started his speech with the conclusion that Kumanovo is a smaller version of Macedonia, and a good example for tolerance and inter-ethnic cohabitation.

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“The country is deeply divided, and that is why this kind of initiatives help in building a society in which the differences will be respected, and without this values, Macedonia will not be able to become a member country of NATO and EU. This city was in big temptation in 2001 and last year, but it managed to succumb the threat, and to not be involved in a very dark process of ethnic segregation. Now we expect the Courts to conclude what happened in Divo Naselje, and which were the motives. In the meantime, we need to put a stop to the ethnic segregation and the ethno chauvinism in the country.”, - said Dr. Damjanovski.

On this event Mr. Albert Musliu, political analyst once again emphasized that Kumanovo is an example of harmonized inter – ethnic relations in the country, and he said that the NATO integration will release both the citizens and the institutions from the constant fear of a threat from inside or from outside.

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This project is supported by CIVICA MOBILITAS and NATO PDD, Brussels.



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