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Sunday, 23 July 2017 07:16


On the occasion of the high official visit from NATO Public Diplomacy Division and as a start of a bigger campaign, on Thursday, July 20 2017 at 10.30 am, in the premises of ERA Center – Skopje, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia (ATA Macedonia) in coordination with the NATO Liaison Team in Skopje and supported by CIVICA Mobilitas and GOFI, organized one day event, entitled:

ONE-on-ONE DISCUSSION WITH Ambassador Tacan Ildem, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, NATO

After the official part of the event, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia organized a meeting behind closed doors with the Ambassador Tacan Ildem. Several NGO and Diplomatic representatives were invited at this meeting in order to express their views on the Macedonian integration into NATO and the role that the civil society should play in support of these processes.
The event gathered participants with different professional profile such as NATO Officials, political and diplomatic representatives from NATO member and partner Countries, representatives from NGO’s, academia and economic fields; professionals, experts, practitioners; representatives of civil society and the private sector; journalists and media operators.


The event intended to stimulate discussion on the important issues regarding Macedonia’s integration into NATO and to include the civil sector in the public debate concerning the Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

The event was opened by the Moderator of the event, Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, member of the Presidency of EACM, who highlighted the importance of the civil society as a contributing factor in the process of intensifying the Euro-Atlantic integrations.


Mr. Ismet Ramadani, President of the EASM, in his speech expressed hope that the new reforms would accelerate the process of the NATO integrations and that relying on dialogue which will include all the social actors and stakeholders is crucial and pivotal for these processes.

Ambassador Tacan Ildem, opened the discussion putting forward his in-depth insights regarding NATO’s currents goals, policies and endeavors. He particularly centered on the NATO current agenda, relationship with Russia and partner countries and the possible scenarios with regard to the contemporary threats and challenges.


As for the Macedonia, he stressed the importance of remaining focused on the reforms and ensuring political stability. Ambassador Ildem reiterated NATO's support for Macedonia as future NATO full- fledged member. He emphasized the necessity of the regional cooperation for resolving the issues with the neighbor countries, but also underscored the importance of mutually acceptable solution regarding the name issue.

The closed part of the event was focused on the discussion between Ambassador Tacan Ildem and the representatives of the civil society. The representatives of the civil society openly expressed their views and standpoints and asked questions of interest for Macedonia’s integration in NATO structures. Ambassador Ildem underlined the need of strong civil society, a diversity of think tanks, associations and expertise groups, as well as free and independent media. He also said that it is important to stimulate the younger generation to engage in these processes and in different segments in society. He concluded that the reform process is critical for pursuing of NATO integration agenda.