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Friday, 13 October 2017 10:52

From July 2016, EACM is working on a research project entitled: “Strengthening the youth dialogue for democracy promotion in the light of the Euro – Atlantic integration”.


The whole project included a research (consisting of field and online surveys) and organization of 4 workshops in four cities in Macedonia along with a final Conference in Skopje in order to promote the project results and to encourage public discussion for these important issues.

The first workshop which was organized as round table was held on 12th of October 2017 (Thursday) starting at 11.00 hours in the premises of the Tetovo State University. The event gathered around 50 students and professors and journalists from the region.

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law at the State University Tetovo Dr. Jusuf Zejneli, opened the event and stressed the importance of such projects. Project Director, Mr. Ilija Djugumanov outlined the goals and objectives of the project.


After the presentation of the research results, Mr. Ismet Ramadani, President of ATA Macedonia, noted that young people have important influence in the democratic processes but according to him If we take into consideration the project’s results they are not engaged in the processes tied with integrations. He stressed that we should work together and should take mutual effort with the institutions and to assist the young people in Macedonia to absorb skills and democratic values, but also to be aware on their opportunities.


The Deputy Minister for Defense, Dr. Bekim Maksuti welcomed the initiative stressing that the young people are progressive force for every idea, initiative and democratic process. He highlighted the importance to work with and motivate young people to be more aware about their opportunities for engagement and to realize their full potential in Macedonia not seeking opportunities abroad. He said that proactive approach to provide better opportunities is of vital importance for NATO and EU integrations. He also noted that NATO is not just dealing with military issues, but it is an organization that advocates for the development of science, education, and contributes in dealing with elementary disasters and promotes values for peace and stability.


H.E. Ambassador Ms. Danijela Barisic pointed out that her country supports Macedonia on the road to membership in the Euro-Atlantic family because it understands the needs and challenges of Macedonia in this process. She shared the Croatian experience and its way toward NATO integration. She welcomed the new enthusiasm and commitment by the new government for carrying out the reforms not just in the defense sector, but urge for greater engagement.

Mr. Marko Cehovin, Civilian Advisor at NATO Liaison in Skopje, underlined that the dialogue is possible only with education without divisions along ethnic lines. He said that youth is the future for economic well-being and the willingness for reforms.


Mr. Albert Musliu, Political Analyst, in his speech said that Macedonia should work to encourage the young people to cooperate. He said that the civil society in Macedonia is not as strong as it should be and that the young people should engage in these processes as creative and energetic force.


The project is supported by CIVICA MOBILITAS.

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