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Fifth Lecture and Official visit of the “Ilinden” Barracks in Skopje PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 October 2018 08:16

On 25 October 2018, another practical activity within the "SCHOOL OF DEFENSE, SECURITY AND NATO INTEGRATIONS" was organized.


This time the participants of the school had opportunity to visit the “Ilinden” Barracks with the Battalions located in the barracks (including the Special Operations Regiment, the Military Police Battalion and the Battalion for Communications) and to talk with ARM officers, as well as to attend presentations and to discuss the topics.

The presentation at the Special Operations Regiment provided historic and informational overview of the regiment, its structure, mission and general tasks, as well as the challenges of being part of the Special Forces.


In addition, the participants visited the Military Police Battalion where they were acquainted with its role, responsibilities and main challenges.

The last part of the official visit was focused on the Battalion for Communications where the school participants were introduced with their work and their technical equipment.




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