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Monday, 05 November 2018 11:06

In the period from 29.10.2018 to 31.10.2018, members of ATA Macedonia attended Youth Workshop entitled “Youth Outreach”. The event which was held in Belgrade hosted participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo where the main goal was the exchange of thought and knowledge about current security threats in the region and the position of young people.


The event was opened by the Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, Chief of NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade.

Brig. Gen Marinelli started with introduction on his current work and activates at the NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade. He emphasized the good cooperation between NATO and Serbia. He noted that NATO has a communication strategy to educate and inform the general public of their activities and values with sincere and open approach. Regarding the fake news and propaganda environment he said that the trend is increasing everywhere but that only clear and honest information on the long run is the best countermeasure.

Afterwards the participants started the first Workshop entitled “Official Name and Euro-Atlantic Integrations of Macedonia”. Mr. Ilija Djugumanov opened the discussion with an overview of the current situation and progress in Macedonia on the name issue and expounded the next steps for our country. A discussion on the current developments followed, where all of the participants showed great interest. The main discussion revolved around the next steps for Macedonia and what would happen if the process turns out unsuccessful.

The second Workshop entitled “Positive and Negative Sides of NATO Membership in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania” was aimed at comparing the development of the three countries and what has changed following the membership. It was inferred that the security and stability of the countries are ensured.


The third and last Workshop was entitled “Dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo”. The discussion was focused on the current challenges in respect of the status of Kosovo and what are the prospects for mutual agreement. Participants from Serbia and Kosovo both agreed that a solution that should be sustainable on the long run is necessary.

The following day, the Head of the National Assembly delegation to NATO PA Dragan Sormaz visited the workshop where he gave information on the cooperation between Serbia and NATO. Then he opened the discussion about how to improve this cooperation and what are the main goals for the future.

The participants also visited The Royal Palace which is the official residence of the Karađorđević royal family. The building in situated at the Royal Compound, part of the Dedinje neighborhood of Belgrade.

The attendees from ATA Macedonia were:

Mr. Ismet Ramadani, President of ATA Macedonia
Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, President of YATA Macedonia
Mr. Andrej Acevski, Member of YATA Macedonia
Ms. Makedonka Manoleva, Member of YATA Macedonia

The event was organized by the Atlantic Council of Serbia in partnership with Embassy of United States of America and NATO PDD.




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