Tuesday, 08 October 2019 09:56

During the second day of the working visit to the Republic of Bulgaria, which is part of the project of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, entitled "Youth Empowerment for Active Participation in the Decision Making Process", the participants and the team of ATA Macedonia visited the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

President 1

During a visit to the President's Cabinet, the participants met with H.E. Rumen Radev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Mr. Rumen Radev emphasized the importance of youth involvement in political decision-making, the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration for North Macedonia in the creation of inclusive institutions and emphasized the key role of youth in the process of monitoring of the political decisions as essential for democracy development. He emphasized that the engagement of the whole society is crucial in these processes. Ms. Veronica Orbetsova, Foreign Policy Advisor, and Ms. Maria Jurkova, Head of the Department for “Strategies, Analysis and Forecasts”, presented the participants the existing initiatives for youth involvement in the political processes in Bulgaria, but also the other existing activities for integration.

President 2

President 3

Participants had the opportunity to discuss, make suggestions and deliberate upon the challenges of the two countries in terms of youth inclusion.

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The next working visit took place at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria, where presentations were made by representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Human Resources at the Ministry. During the meeting, the participants had a chance to get familiar with the "Career Start" program for young people in Bulgaria aimed at gaining work experience, the opportunities offered by military education for young people in Bulgaria, as well as an overview of the history and structure of the ministry and the military history of Bulgaria.


The last activity, which was part of the working visit of Bulgaria, was the visit of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, an organization that deals with the promotion of Atlantic values in Bulgaria, but also with the active involvement of young people in these processes. At the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria there was a presentation by Amb. Elena Portodorova and Amb. Biserka Benisheva.

MoD 2

Amb. Elena Portodorova, Vice President of the Atlantic Association, outlined the process, the purpose and the challenges of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, existing and past projects, as well as the youth initiatives. Amb. Biserka Benisheva gave a broader overview of the challenges of the Republic of North Macedonia in terms of EU membership and the importance of young people in these processes. The young members of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria presented their initiative "Youth Ambassadors" and described the purpose of the program. The participants had the opportunity to network with their peers from Bulgaria and exchange experiences on existing problems and challenges for youth in both countries.

MoD 3

Mod 4

Participants of the study visit were 15 young people aged 18-30, students and young professionals, as well as young people with experience in youth policy making. In addition, the working visit was also attended by representatives of ATA Macedonia and Mr. Ismet Ramadani, the President of ATA Macedonia.


During the second day of the visit, Mr. Ramadani met with Mr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Chairman of the Management Board and Ms. Sofia Petkova, Executive Director of the Euro-Atlantic Security Center in Sofia.

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