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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 13:53

Тhe project “Info vs Disinfo: Building resilience to disinformation practices in post - Covid environment in North Macedonia” was finalized with the last two focus groups. As with the previous groups, they were again consisted of 4 participants per group.

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As before, the focus groups were composed of 4 young people per group. The groups included young people from a wider range of occupations, age and ethnicities, and they had the opportunity to express their views on several topics. Namely, they were asked about their perception of the pandemic, the fake news, the use of vaccines, the trust in domestic institutions, etc.

It is worth noting that everyone had their own opinions on the topics and all encountered false news and disinformation despite the age difference between some of them.


The project that the Euro-Atlantic Council of North Macedonia is working on is focused on the young people and its primary goal is to reduce the non-selective reception of information, to create resilience to the disinformation that is increasingly present in the Internet space, and largely occurred during the pandemic.

The project is supported by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division