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Thursday, 16 June 2022 11:16

As а part of the project 3rd NATO Academy 2022, organized by the Euro-Atlantic Council of North Macedonia, during June, over 30 students had the opportunity to visit several military institutions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense.


The first of such a kind, on June 7, 2022, was the visit of the Military Academy "General Mihajlo Apostolski" in the barracks "Goce Delchev" in Skopje. Students from civil universities in the country, as well as young members from the government and the civil sector, attended the event.


Participants were hosted by the Dean of the Military Academy, Dr. Mitko Bogdanoski and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the criteria and conditions for studying at the Military Academy; the basic responsibilities of educating, training and improving staff for the needs of MOD, ARM, Crisis Management System and Protection and Rescue System; the organizational structure and the opportunities for improvements of the cadets. Participants of the Third NATO Academy 2022 during the visit had the opportunity to visit various facilities, including a computer center for hybrid defense.


The visit itself has lasted more than two hours and presented the opportunities for young people from civilian universities, to be acquainted with the characteristics of this educational - military institution, which is unique in the country that trains staff for Ministry of Defense, the Army, CMC and the protection and rescue directorate.

After several in-person events, we were back on ZOOM for a special reason! On June 9, 2022, the third lecture was held, on the topic: "The latest international events and NATO positioning on the road to Madrid".


The event was held through a direct ZOOM connection with the NATO headquarters in Brussels, and the speakers were: Ms. Vineta Klein, Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center, Kyiv, Ukraine; Ms. Beata Patashova, NATO Program Officer for Russia and Eastern European Partners.


The official visit of the Public Affairs Regional Center (PARC) took place on June 13, 2022. About 30 young representatives, in addition to the basics of the center and the workload, had the opportunity to participate in the "train the trainers" course led by senior US communications experts.


These visits were another confirmation of long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, as well as the commitment of the Euro-Atlantic Council of North Macedonia to the long-term contribution to education and capacity building in regard to the euro-atlantic values and ideas.

The main goal of the 3rd NATO Academy is through education to strengthen reforms and legal framework in the field of security and defense in the long run, as well as to create a platform for education, debate and discussion, especially among the population.


This project is supported by NATO Public Diplomacy Division.