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Wednesday, 15 March 2023 13:58

Today at the Ministry of Defense, Minister Slavjanka Petrovska and the President of the Euro-Atlantic Council of North Macedonia, Ismet Ramadani, signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, which foresees a large number of joint activities with one main goal - the development of democracy and strengthening of Euro-Atlantic values in Macedonian society.


Minister Petrovska said at the meeting that the non-governmental sector has a significant role in the development of society and said that as before, the Ministry of Defense remains a dedicated partner in the implementation of the activities of this organization.

"The Euro-Atlantic Council is the pillar of Atlanticism in the country. Your dedicated work in spreading Euro-Atlantic values, especially among young people who are our future leaders, is of crucial importance for the development of our modern, European and democratic society", said the minister and added that the Euro-Atlantic Council can always see the Ministry as a partner and a strong supporter.


The President of the Euro-Atlantic Council, Ramadani, thanked for the continuous support from Minister Petrovska and the Ministry and said that together and united we can introduce Euro-Atlantic values to the young population, which shows a strong interest in everything that the Alliance represents and its role in protecting security and the stability of NATO territory.

"We agreed to join forces for the promotion of Euro-Atlantic values, capacity building and acceleration of reforms, as well as full support for democracy, human rights and the rule of law. In the coming period, we will work on many joint projects, trainings and initiatives through several programs for different groups of citizens. Starting from the end of March 2023, joint organization of several events on the occasion of NATO membership and NATO Day is planned," said Ismet Ramadani, President of the Euro-Atlantic Council during the signing of the Memorandum.