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Monday, 15 July 2013 09:25

On his 57th birthday

Ismet Ramadani

Skopje, 25th June, 2013

Distinguished Vilma,
Dear Sara and Stefan,
Dear friends of the President Trajkovski,

We are gathered here to pay respect to our beloved President Trajkovski on his 57th birthday. We would all like it better if we could celebrate with him, not only his birthdays, but all the happy moments instead of asking ourselves: How and why did he and his closest associates died? Today, we are celebrating his birthday and at the same time, we grieve that he is not here with us.

How did I know the president?

I’ve been in the politics for 23 years (16 as an MP). I have participated and witnessed many events in our country and throughout the world. Believe me when I say that I have never met a person as kind and honest as the president Trajkovski.

After each meeting with him I wondered, deep down, whether it is possible that our President is not just a human, but something more – a person blessed by God?

Being the President of the Republic of Macedonia he reflected the characters of the presidents Adenauer, Kennedy and Obama.

As Adenauer: no matter how complicated, he always wanted to simplify and solve the problem.

As Kennedy: he asked us to do something for our country, and to ask something from the country later.

As Obama: he loved and respected all the people, no matter their religion, nation and race. That is why President Trajkovski had civil and multi-ethnic legitimacy.

Boris Trajkovski was a President who had many friends throughout the world. His personal friendship with politicians of powerful and international institutions was very useful during the difficult period for the Republic of Macedonia.

President Trajkovski and his powerful friends saved Macedonia from the civil war in 2001. He was the initiator and instigator of the overall process which resulted in peace and agreement.

He brought the peace in the beginning of the conflict instead of the end of a bloody war as was the case with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo.

His personal friendship to Lord Robertson (NATO Secretary General, at the time) and Javier Solana (High Representative for foreign policy and security of the European Union) forced them to come to Macedonia during the conflict in 2001 for a dozen times.

I remember that on an international conference of Atlanticists n Edinburgh, Scotland, I asked Lord Robertson publicly what his reason was for the frequent visits to Macedonia during the conflict. He answered: Among the others, because of my friend, President Trajkovski.

 President Trajkovski was a great peacekeeper and Atlanticist. If we had him longer, today Macedonia would have been a NATO and EU member state. Together with his friends he would have finished this work faster and better.

Being a believer and a human person and inspired by the American presidents, he organized the “morning prayer” together with statesmen, congressmen and parliamentarians from all around the world.

I remember that on one of these prayers President Trajkovski, myself and several other colleagues promoted examples of cohabitation from our religions written in the Holy Books. We were all seated at the table and he spoke to me: Ismet, put the Quran on the table, we won’t serve alcohol. He was so attentive!

During the conflict he was so worried and on each meeting we had he would have looked me with wet eyes and dry mouth and said: We need to convince those people from UCK and my hawks that young people should not be dying over matters that can be solved with a dialogue.

Unfortunately, people were dying even when the peace and the agreement were behind the corner. But he managed to bring us the peace and he left us forever to find his own peace and to rest his soul.

Many of us wanted and still want to be like him. For the sake of modesty, it is enough if we could be similar to him.

Happy birthday to our unforgettable President Boris Trajkovski – the great man!




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