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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:06

ismet ramadani

Dear Minister Jolevski,
Dear Excellences’,
Distinguished ladies and gentleman,

At the beginning, let me extend my warm welcome and to express mine and on behalf of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia the immense gratitude to have you here at the annual celebration of the NATO day. This event which is traditionally celebrated each year on 4th of April is a an effort of the Euro-Atlantic Council under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Macedonia with the valued support of the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia is an organization fully committed on Euro-Atlantic integrations and focused on spreading and promoting the values that NATO and its member countries stand for. As a part of our effort and in the light of the annual celebration of the NATO Day, the Euro-Atlantic Council will also organize two more events. The first is International Scientific Conference that will be held on 14th April and will be focused on several topics regarding the current security challenges. The second is another traditional event - NATO student simulation directed primary to engage and stimulate the young Atlantists and to promote the euro-atlantic values among youngsters.

Macedonia, as longtime aspirant for full-fledged membership in NATO, proves its commitment constantly and consistently demonstrates the continuity of our determination to join NATO as the only way to stabilization and prosperity of the country and the Region as a whole. Macedonia has already met all the prescribed criteria for NATO membership and deserves to join the Alliance. The integration of the Republic of Macedonia in Euro-Atlantic structures will undoubtedly contribute to a more stable security situation in the Balkans. In anticipation of the summit in Warsaw, despite of the expected obstacles in terms of the bilateral dispute with Greece, we expect another confirmation of everything achieved so far, and praise for our persistence and dedication. Hence, in the wake of the Warsaw Summit I firmly believe that Macedonia will once again receive recognition for its efforts and contributions in its way toward NATO membership.

The political situation in Macedonia today is in crisis, which constantly seeks solutions, and it is further burdened with the refugee crisis. This is a challenge for a country that is small and economically underdeveloped, and furthers not a member of NATO and the EU. But I can say that despite of our problems on political level, Macedonia has demonstrated the capacity and willingness to handle the refugee surge, and to effectively cooperate and coordinate with neighboring countries. However, my recommendation is reaching a consensus between the parties as soon as possible and conducting fair elections which will show that we are on track to consolidate democracy and to normalize the functioning of our institutions. Thus the State will be even more focused and with a greater commitment to devote to the refugee crisis and Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Another important consideration which I would like to point out is the importance of focusing on the other challenges and security issues that the world has been facing and which did not bypass our region. The enhanced regional cooperation and active engagement, as well as devotion to the democratic values such as the promotion of human rights, human security and rule of law is a must that every democratic country should implement in situation when the threats are asymmetric and unpredictable.

In conclusion, I would like to stress and once again to reiterate our further commitment and dedication as Euro-Atlantic Council toward the Euro-Atlantic integrations.