Empowerment of the youth for active participation in the decision-making process PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 July 2019 07:41

Following the historic and mutual agreement for friendship and good neighborly relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia, youth cooperation, mobility and participation is of great importance. Given the membership of Bulgaria in the EU and NATO and their practical experience, it will benefit our youth and talented future policy makers to gain the skills and knowledge from the Bulgaria experience in this field so far. In order to achieve these goals, the Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia in partnership with the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Skopje, is working on the project named “Empowerment of the youth for active participation in the decision-making process”. This project will contribute towards the country’s assistance program by building youth capacities and foster multiculturalism that will strengthen security and development as one of the priorities in this program. It will support good governance practices and it will increase the education of our youth.



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