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The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia in its membership includes extraordinary experts, analysts with broad experience in the societal processes of the country, the euro-atlantic integrations and diplomacy. EACM includes members of the executive and legislation powers in the country, people from public life, executives in renowned non-governmental entities which with their expertise, influence and possibilities for participation in creating and leading the country processes can contribute to the significant realization in the EACM activities.

In its work EACM is led by the principle of transparency and has full public acknowledgment of all of the activities it performs.   
EACM’s leadership regularly takes part in the media debates around the NATO integration of the Republic Македонија, as well as the issues of the Alliance bz taking part in television debatrs, interviews, columns and media releases.  
Therefore, the EACM is devoted to developing uccessful cooperation with the media in Macedonia bz establishing cooperation with editors, column writers, foreign media in the countrz, broad Macedonian public in order to foster the broader picture for the euro-atlantic integration process of the countrz, greater information for the activities that Macedonia has been doing in the euro-atlantic integration process.

In the implementation of its activities the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia uses the alreadz established network within the Central and Southeastern European Security Forum – Balkan Mosaic which enables for greater affirmation in the region and broadly as well as inclusion of more collaborators from other countries, primarily NATO member countries.  

ЕАСМ develops excellent cooperation with the national atlantic associations within the ATA which can be seen in the regular participation in international events organized by the atlantic associations, as well as other organizations that work in the field of defence, security, and international relations as an opportunity for transmitting the political messages from the country.

ЕАСМ is open for developing cooperation and with other organizations in the country which have interest in working in the area of defence, international politics, human rights, the rule of law and the euro-atlantic integration of the Republic of Macedonia.