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The Youth of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia – YATA Macedonia is organization of the youth of EACM. YATA Macedonia was founded in 1999 by a group of ambitious students and young politicians who were interested in the work on the Atlantic values.


In the past years the youth has been very active in promoting the euro-atlantic idea and values in the country as well as developing cooperation with other YATA national chapters and other organizations in the country and abroad.

YATA Macedonia is accomplishing broad cooperation with state institutions, civil society, media and diplomatic missions in the country. In wider context YATA Macedonia through its activities is promoting total support for democracy, human rights, civil society and rule of law in the Republic of Macedonia.

Long lasting activities of YATA Macedonia are well known on national, regional and international level.

YATA Macedonia is member of YATA – Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, organization that have 42 national atlantic associations which act in Euro – Atlantic region and wider, building support to civil society for NATO and trans-atlantic cooperation, sharing the best methods between their members.

YATA Macedonia works in the premises of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia where it has its own office, Statue and membership. YATA Macedonia has its own Facebook group and section at the EACM website, and autonomy to develop its program of activities which need to be approved by the Executive Office of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia before realisation, considering the fact that they need to be in line with the policy of the organization and the policy of ATA.

Main goal of YATA Macedonia is to attract young people to join the Atlantic community. Furthermore YATA Macedonia works on developing core of people who are interested in NATO, security, international relations and they will be actively involved in mobilization of the youth for these questions and on that way will promote public debate between the youth in the country on the Atlantic topic.

Work with youth people is one of the key goals of every organization knowing the fact that they are the future leaders and they will have the responsibility for the processes in the society. Also we believe that inclusion of youth in the Atlantic network and their informing and education for euro – atlantic idea and values is from vital importance.

YATA Macedonia