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Saturday, 07 April 2012 00:00

During the summer period the Youth of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia was active in several fields. Among the other activities, the youth had a possibility to participate at different regional and international seminars, such as REACT 2011 and DAYS 2011.

The project REACT – Regional Euro Atlantic Camp 2011 was realized for the 4th time in Montenegro in the period between 04.07 – 10.07.2011 in Vucje, Montenegro and was organized by the ALPHA Center. REACT 2011 is organized for the young participants who support the following ideas: promotion of the policies that encourage the interest, motivations and the wish of the citizens to support the policies for regional security and cooperation by initiating expert public debate on the euro-atlantic values and goals. Among the other topics, this year the discussion at the camp were about NATO's mission since its beginnings, NATO enlargement and the Western Balkans, the new challenges of the 21stcentury, as well as the relation between NATO and the EU. The lectures at the camp were given by distinguished professors and guests from different missions in Montenegro. This year's representatives from YATA Macedonia were Haris Mekik, Ilija Kiroski and Vlatko Vasilev.

DAYS 2011 is an international youth seminar organized by the Danish Atlantic Association. This year the seminar was held in the period 4th – 11th July in Aalborg, Denmark under the topic "NATO: The Challenges of the New Decade". During the seminar, the professors from different European universities, the experts and the participants had an excellent opportunity to participate in the debates about the new threats that face NATO, the Arab Spring, as well as NATO's New Strategic Concept. Except the debates, the participants had a unique chance of being part of the three-day simulation on the topic "South Caucasus" and to demonstrate their leadership capabilities, as well as sharing different experiences and acquiring knowledge. YATA Macedonia was represented by Stefanija Madzoska, member of the Youth Executive Office.



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