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Monday, 13 February 2017 09:05

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia has started a new research project supported by the program CIVICA MOBILITAS on topic: "Straightening the youth dialogue for democracy promotion in the spirit of Euro-Atlantic integration."


The project, which will run until December 2017, aims at encouraging an active participation of young people in Macedonia in building democratic processes as a precondition for Macedonia's integration into Euro-Atlantic structures.

For this purpose, the EACM has developed an online survey - a questionnaire in order to take direct information of the target groups for their views, attitudes and perceptions regarding their involvement and engagement in democratic processes in Macedonia, as well as to examine the level of awareness among youth regarding the benefits of their involvement in the Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

We will be honored if you could devote a minute of your time and contribute to this research.

You will be able fill out the questionnaire form on the following link:

Your contribution is very important for the successful implementation of the project and the research. Therefore, we will highly appreciate your feedback.



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