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Friday, 12 May 2017 13:09

From 08th to 10th of May 2017, two YATA Macedonia representatives, Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, YATA President, and Ms. Dina Arnaut, Social Media Coordinator, visited Brussels as part of a So-cial Media Training in the NATO Headquarters, organized by the Atlantic Treaty Association in co-operation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division

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During this visit, YATA chapter leaders which are involved with Social Media from the ATA/YATA Bureau, YATA Bosnia and Herzegovina, ATA Serbia, YATA Macedonia and YATA partner organi-zation from Kosovo were part of a Social Media Workshop where the focus was on NATO’s Cur-rent Political Agenda, NATO Partnerships, Facts and Fakes, NATO’s digital outreach and online technology development, best practices for creating social media content, and NATO’s digital in-sights.

The aim of this visit was building capacity among members of the ATA/YATA network in the Bal-kans in social media and outreach, straightening the network among the participants, and straight-ening the network between ATA/YATA and NATO.



Arrival in Brussels

2200 - 2300 Debrief meeting with all participants in the ATA HQ


0810 - 0830 Arranged transport to NATO HQ

0930 - 1030 session 1: NATO Overview and NATO’s Current Political Agenda by Mr. Zsolt RA-BAI, Program Officer for France, Hungary and the Western Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ko-sovo and Macedonia), Engagements Section, Public Diplomacy Division

1045 - 1145 session 2: NATO Partnerships - Projecting Stability with special focus on the Western Balkans by Ms. Tanya HARTMAN, Euro - Atlantic and Global Partnerships Office, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division

1145 - 1230 session 3: Facts and Fakes - communicating in an era of information warfare by Dr. Gerlinde NIEHUS, Head, Engagements Section, Public Diplomacy Division

1230 - 1400 lunch at Secretary General’s Dining Room

1400 - 1430 session 4: NATO’s Digital Outreach and Online Technology Development by Mr. Paul MAGIS, Head, Communications Technology Centre, Public Diplomacy Division

1430 - 1600 session 5: NATO’s Social Media: Best Practices Creating the Content and Managing the Channels by Mr. Axel DE MIL, Social Media Coordinator and Ms. Anna KOLAKOWSKA, Dig-ital Multimedia Coordinator, NATO Online Public Diplomacy Division

1615 - 1715 session 6: NATO Digital Insights: Monitoring and Assessment by Mr. Franky SAE-GERMAN, Head, Digital Insights, Public Diplomacy Division

1730 Departure to hotel

1800 - 1900 Debrief Meeting at ATA HQ


End of Program and Departure

This visit is second of this kind, where YATA Macedonia leaders had the opportunity to gather fresh news from the NATO officials on the current NATO agenda, data on how to encourage en-gagements, and how to have a greater digital outreach on ATA Macedonia Channels.



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