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Thursday, 16 April 2015 10:51

Remarks by Ismet Ramadani, president, EACM


Dear Deputy Minister Labenishta,

Dear Excellences’,

Distinguished ladies and gentleman,

Welcome to the annual celebration of the NATO day, 4th of April organized traditionally by the Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia together with the Ministry of Defence and with support of the NATO Embassies and the NATO Liaison in Skopje.

It is great opportunity to re affirm, enhance, enrich and further develop our dedication and our commitment on the long road towards complete Euro – Atlantic integration.

Last year, from this event we have sent few messages. And how things change in one year, both domestically and on international stage.

We have started our full commitment to the new Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan and our soldiers, our ambassadors continue to maintain the high standard of professionalism and dedication.

15th in a row MAP process is successfully on the way and the reform process keeps moving consistently.

This was recognized and commended by the NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg on the joint press conference with Prime minister in Brussels on 11th March.

Let me use this opportunity and congratulate to the Minister and all representatives from the Ministry of Defence for their achievements and especially for the support that they give to the Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia.

Also, on this press conference NATO Secretary General promptly marked the challenges for Republic of Macedonia and we share them. Quote: “We can also see challenges. We are following with concern the recent political developments in Skopje. Progress on reforms depends on effective democratic dialogue, widespread confidence in the rule of law and freedom of media. These values are at the heart of the euro-atlantic community. We count on you to ensure that they are fully respected.” End quote.

The actual situation in Republic of Macedonia, which is characterized with political crisis, especially after the ongoing scandal “ bombs”, obliges us, the atlanticists from EACM to appeal to all political leaders to act seriously and professionally and to start solving the crisis. As aspirants for membership in NATO and EU, and strategic partners to the USA and with whom we cooperate in the process of the euro – atlantic integrations, we demand from them once again to lend us a hand and with their effort and mediation to help us to swim out of this political crises.

No one has right to endanger the euro – atlantic perspectives of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

On the international stage, today we face ever-changing security landscape in Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Big challenges lie ahead for NATO and therefore for us. As a country that sees its self as equal member to the Alliance we have to take active stance and give support as much  we can.

We as Euro – Atlantic Council of Macedonia, will continue to participate with active contribution on the road towards NATO and will take even more active participation in the day to day activities in the Macedonian society. I would like to announce that big varieties of projects are coming up focusing on broad spectrum of topics such as youth, gender equality, energy security, business sector, regional cooperation, researching projects etc etc.

Now, let me invite Deputy Minister of Defence of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Arben Labenishta to take the floor.

Thank you.



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