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NATO ACADEMY 2020: NATO Integration and Cooperation with Other In

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The NATO Academy 2020 lecture on the topic "NATO Integration and Cooperation with Other Institutions (Director...

NATO Academy 2020 - Energy Security: How (In)dependent are we?

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On 26th of November, 2020, as part of the NATO Academy 2020, a lecture was held on the topic: "Energy Security...

8th NATO Student Simulation: Call for participants

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The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia led by success and the interest of the student simulations and all even...

NATO ACADEMY 2020 – The Second War over Nagorno - Karabakh in the

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"The Second War over Nagorno - Karabakh in the Context of Hybrid Warfare” was the subject on the NATO Academy ...

Workshop: “Fostering online literacy education among youth in the

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On 20th of November, 2020, a virtual workshop was conducted on the subject “Fostering online literacy educatio...

NATO ACADEMY 2020 - Cyber Security as a Global Problem - Differen

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The lecture of the NATO Academy 2020 on the topic "Cyber security as a global problem - different aspects" wit...


youth empowerment


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Speech by Ismet Ramadani, NATO day - 4th of April

Dear Minister Jolevski,Dear Excellences’,Distinguished ladies and gentleman, At the beginning, let me extend my warm welcome and to express mine and on behalf ...


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