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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 13:28

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Subject: Renewal and update of the youth membership

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia (ATA Macedonia), through its numerous activities has succeeded in implementing great deal of its program for the promotion and implementation of the Euro-Atlantic idea and values in the country, and at the same time it managed to raise the awareness of the Macedonian public about the membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO and E

In its work, for more than two decades (since 1997), ATA Macedonia has been continuously developing programs for inclusion of all target groups in our society, and through its membership in the World ATA in Brussels, has been collaborating and pointing to the positive image of our country in front of 38 countries / ATA partner associations worldwide.

Young people - students are a key critical mass in the country as future intellectuals and leaders who will take responsibility for the further development of the country. In this regard, their involvement in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of the Republic of North Macedonia is of utmost importance.

In the direction of the transition of some of the youth members to the senior part of the organization, but also as one of the commitments to work with all  target groups in the Macedonian society, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia initiated a procedure for updating and renewing the membership of the youth of ATA Macedonia (YATA Macedonia). The aim of this rebuilding is having a more successful acting and preparation for the forthcoming activities of the Euro - Atlantic Youth Council of Macedonia.

For whom is intended and deadline for applications?

In addition to its existing members, the Youth of the Euro - Atlantic Council of Macedonia specifically encourages the accession of new members, students and young professionals aged 18-30. The membership update and renewal process will last until March 15, 2020, but applications will be reviewed on a daily basis.

What is needed?

We invite all interested students and young professionals to send us their CV. We especially encourage those who have additional ideas and suggestions for certain activities / projects, to participate in the creation of the annual Euro - Atlantic Youth Council of Macedonia program for 2020.

Send your CV and / or proposal (in English) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or submit it in person to the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia Offices on ul. Macedonia no. 22/1/15, 1000 Skopje.

Do you need to have previous experience?


Who are the right candidates - what profession?

There are no right candidates, professions or faculty. Anyone who is ambitious and interested in security, international relations, defense, NATO, the EU, but also in the field of communications, event organization, social networks, economics, research, data analysis, and youth policy is welcome to apply.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?

- Ambitious;
- Young;
- Willing to learn and communicate;
- They want to travel and debate with their peers;
- Able to work in a team;
- They are familiar with volunteering.

What do you get – where will you be included?

- Many opportunities for learning and upgrading (in the areas you want to upgrade, for example: international relations and communications, security, defense, event organization, research, analysis, project writing, social networking, protocol, writing reports, journalistic content);
- Working in teams with both peers and seniors;
- Opportunity to attend domestic and international events, conferences and seminars (in 38 countries worldwide),
- Recommendations, Certificates and other recognitions,
- Opportunity for inclusion in the management structure of YATA Macedonia,
- Possibility to get involved in current projects of the organization, as well as in the project application and finding new projects (for which you would receive appropriate remuneration / fee).

We strongly believe that joining the Euro-Atlantic Youth Council of Macedonia will be a challenge for every young person and an opportunity for a more successful presentation and personal promotion in the area of Euro-Atlantic integration.

For more information visit our website, or visit our social networks:




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