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Wednesday, 01 April 2020 12:24

North Macedonia is finally a full member of the Alliance, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the US State Department in Washington DC on 27th of March 2020. NATO Allies signed North Macedonia’s Accession Protocol in February 2019, after which all 29 national parliaments voted to ratify the country’s membership.


A flag-raising ceremony for North Macedonia took place at NATO Headquarters on 30 March 2020, in the presence of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, and the Chargé d’Affaires of the Delegation of North Macedonia to NATO, Mr. Zoran Todorov. The flag of North Macedonia was be simultaneously raised at Allied Command Operations in Mons (Belgium) and at Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk (US). North Macedonia’s flag flies proudly alongside those of the other 29 members. This is indeed a moment of celebration, a moment we have all been looking forward to for many years. The road to membership has been long and challenging, but with courage and determination, we have done it.

The security that NATO membership provides is unequalled. That security has been the foundation of transatlantic stability and prosperity for over 70 years.  Article 5 of our founding treaty states that an attack on one member is an attack on all. From now on, North Macedonia will always have the full support of 29 Allies.


Both NATO and North Macedonia have mutual benefit from the membership of the country. The country’s armed forces make an active contribution to international peace and security on daily basis. They serve in Afghanistan, and they provide valuable support to our peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

North Macedonia is now part of the NATO family, a family of thirty nations and almost one billion people. A family based on the certainty that, no matter what challenges we face, we are all stronger and safer together.

One of the Euro - Atlantic Council of Macedonia’s goal since the foundation of the organization has finally been accomplished.
It wasn’t an easy task, as we promoted the country’s integration in NATO since 1993, even in difficult times, and in times when the general public’s opinion on NATO integration wasn’t a popular one.

We, as an organization are proud of our work, and we will continue to spread the Euro - Atlantic ideas and values with the same passion and intensity in the future. We also thank all our members, supporters and friends, as we celebrate our NATO accession.

Welcome into the NATO family, North Macedonia!





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