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Monday, 16 November 2020 14:24

The NATO Academy 2020 lecture on NATO and the role of the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje with Col. Zoran Jankovic, Chief of the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje was held on 11th of November 2020 (Wednesday). Due to the current situation caused by the COVID – 19 pandemic, and in line with the government and health official’s recommendations, this lecture was held online via the ZOOM platform.


Col. Zoran Jankovic, Chief of the NATO Liaison Office Skopje is the NATO Senior Representative in Skopje and acts as the NATO representative, liaising with the National Authorities of the Republic of North Macedonia in accordance with the guidance contained in the Terms of Reference and the mission of NLO Skopje.

Today’s lecture was opened with a brief introductory part with Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, ATA Presidency after which Col. Jankovic greeted the participants and expressed his appreciation of the Euro – Atlantic Council’s mission towards NATO integration during the years of its existence.


The lecture that followed covered topics such as the structure of NATO; politics, operations and decision-making within NATO; Macedonia's membership in NATO.

Col. Jankovic also mentioned the crucial moments that forced NATO to change its posture, and to reshape accordingly (such as the Cold War, Hungary interventions, the Cuban crisis, the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9/11 and the Annexation of Crimea). He also pointed out that the current COVID – 19 pandemic influenced NATO’s approach as an organization, and brought to a closer cooperation with the EU in the fight against it.

He also pointed out that NATO Liaison Office Skopje’s mission is to advise the Host Nation governmental authorities on defense aspects of security sector reforms and NATO membership, in order to contribute to the country’s further Euro-Atlantic integration, and to provide support to NATO-led operations within the Balkans Joint Area of Operations. The NLO SKO’s advice is mostly concentrated towards military and technical issues. Additionally, supporting tasks are a significant part of the mission, especially those benefiting KFOR and other NATO missions in the Balkans.


During his speech, the Chief of the NATO Liaison Office expressed gratitude towards the Institutions of the Government of North Macedonia for their good leadership and timely effort in the implementation of the reforms after the country’s NATO accession. Col. Jankovic also emphasized North Macedonia’s great contribution so far in NATO missions and operations like the ISAF mission, and more recently the KFOR mission.

The participants showed considerable interest with questions and discussion in the second part of the lecture.

The NATO Academy 2020 includes 45 young participants (students and young professionals), citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, 16-35 years old, from different Universities and institutions in the country and abroad.

This project is supported by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.




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