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Wednesday, 02 December 2020 08:18

The NATO Academy 2020 lecture on the topic "NATO Integration and Cooperation with Other Institutions (Directorate for Protection and Rescue)" with Dr. Bekim Maksuti, Director of the Protection and Rescue Directorate and former Deputy Minister of Defense, was held on November 30, 2020 (Monday) starting at 2 p.m. Due to the current situation caused by the KOVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the recommendations of the state and health authorities, this lecture was held online through the ZOOM platform.


This lecture was opened by Mr. Ilija Djugumanov from ATA Presidency, followed by the address of Dr. Maksuti who welcomed the initiative of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia to organize this NATO Academy 2020 and explained the role of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue as an institution whose teams are the first responders in the field when it comes to emergencies that affect the safety of the population .

Dr. Bekim Maksuti pointed out that the Directorate was established by the Law on Protection and Rescue in 2005 and is an independent body of the state administration. He stressed the importance of international co-operation at a time when the number of disasters is growing globally, and the consequences are leaving behind human casualties and huge material damage.

Furthermore, Dr. Maksuti explained the basic purpose and subject of international agreements in the field of protection and rescue, which is the establishment of a legal framework for cooperation in the field of prevention, preparedness, provision and receipt of assistance and elimination of the consequences caused by major disasters. In addition, bilateral agreements provide an opportunity for exchange of knowledge and experience, participation in joint projects, organization of courses, seminars and exercises and encouraging the development of material and technical means and equipment.


From the aspect of regional cooperation, Dr. Maksuti paid attention to the Initiative for Disaster Preparedness and Prevention for Southeast Europe (DPPI SEE), signed by the Republic of North Macedonia. Today, the Initiative has 13 member states, and partners are international organizations such as the UN, NATO, EU and other relevant international organizations and institutions. The Directorate for Protection and Rescue, as the bearer of the activities within the single system for protection and rescue from natural disasters and other disasters, actively participates in the work of the CMEP Council for SEE. In 2005, the Directorate for Protection and Rescue chaired this initiative and organized a computer-assisted exercise held in Ohrid, the main purpose of which was to practice the procedures and possibilities of the CMEP Council and NATO for offering and receiving assistance in natural disasters. pointed out Dr. Maksuti.

In this regard, Dr. Bekim Maksuti also paid attention to NATO trainings on protection of the population in case of disasters and stressed the importance of the fact that the NATO mechanism means that each member state makes available forces that can be involved in case of disaster at the request of partner country. He also noted that the Protection and Rescue Directorate has its permanent representatives in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.


After the end of this lecture, the participants showed special interest in the topic by asking questions and a discussion was developed between the Director of the Protection and Rescue Directorate and the participants.

This project is supported by the NATO Sector for Public Diplomacy.





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