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Tuesday, 22 December 2020 13:07

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, led by the success and interest of student simulations and similar events in the country, on December 18, 2020, organized the traditional NATO Student Simulation, on the topic: "Securing the World in Insecure Times”


At this youth event, students and young professionals simulate a NATO Alliance Summit, taking on the roles of Heads of State and Government, representatives of partner organizations (EU and UN) and media representatives. The event was highly educational because it enabled the participants to dive deeper in the issues related to NATO, security and international politics, this time with the focus on topics such as: Russia’s military buildup, the new NATO 2030 Concept, the rise of China on the world stage, unconventional security threats, the challenges opposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and other global challenges and threats.


The participants of the simulation included students and young professionals, who were appropriately prepared to represent NATO member states, international organizations and media. For the first time, this simulation officially presented the Republic of North Macedonia as the thirtieth member of the Alliance and as a host country of the Summit.


The simulation was opened by Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, President of the Youth of the Euro-Atlantic Council (YATA Macedonia), and in the role of the NATO Secretary General was Ms. Juxhina Sotiri Gjoni, President of the World YATA from Brussels.



After the speeches, according to NATO rules, the participants showed special interest, discussed, debated and agreed on the adoption of the Declaration from the Skopje Summit, which contained the future steps of the Alliance in relation to the challenges it faces.
The NATO Simulation included 35 young participants (students and young professionals) from several countries around the world, and was held through the ZOOM platform, in accordance with the recommendations.

This project is supported by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.







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