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Friday, 29 January 2021 12:28

Pursuant to Article 13, paragraph 1 of the Statute of the Euro - Atlantic Council, on January 28th, 2021, starting at 17:30, the General Assembly of the Euro - Atlantic Council was held.

Ramadani - Pretsedatel

In addition to the reports on the work done so far, the statutory changes, as well as the adoption of important decisions in the direction of the future functioning of the organization until 2025, Mr. Ismet Ramadani was unanimously re-elected President of the organization by consensus. Mr. Ismet Ramadani, also greeted the delegates and officially opened the session.

Djugumanov - Generalen Sekretar

Unanimously elected Secretary General of the Euro-Atlantic Council by consensus was Mr. Ilija Djugumanov, and in the function of the new Executive Director of the Business Club, was elected one of the most respectable businesspersons in the country, Mr. Svetozar Janevski.

Janevski - Izvrsen Direktor - Biznis Klub

Members of the new Presidency and Business Club of the Euro-Atlantic Council were also elected at the meeting.

Members of the presidency

1. Ismet Ramadani
2. Angjelka Peeva - Laurencic
3. Trifun Kostovski
4. Ilija Djugumanov
5. Ljube Dukoski
6. Rizvan Sulejmani
7. Florie Latifi
8. Metodij Hadzi - Janev
9. Tose Kocevski
10. Viktor Andonov
11. Ljubica Pendaroska

Members of the Business Club

1. Sveto Janevski - M6 Group
2. Zhivko Mukaetov - Alkaloid
3. Angjelka Peeva - Laurencic - Image PR
4. Ferik Velija - Alsat M.
5. Arsim Papraniku - Neptune
6. Lazim Destani - Ecologist
7. Mitko Andreevski - CNG Systems
8. Arben Abdurahmani – Vez Shari/Lecker
9. Vasko Kronovski – Nekstsense

This meeting brought together over 55 members and supporters. Among other things, it was a great platform for discussing current global issues. The delegates of this Assembly made decisions to deepen the cooperation with the partners and to develop the strategies of the organization until 2025.

Due to the current situation with the COVID - 19 pandemic and in accordance with the recommendations of the state and health authorities, this event was held online on the ZOOM platform.

Generalno Sobranie ZOOM 1





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